Why use a professional gutter cleaning service?

Self cleaning gutters include the risk if one is not used to work high up on a ladder. It's a lot safer for most people to outsource cleaning to a professional. Unfortunately, accidents happen and people end up in the hospital every year The professionals have the right equipment and experience to get the job done efficiently and properly. We also place preventing leaf catchers. This ensures that your downspouts are not clogged by leaves and being maintenance free for the season.

Falling leaves, branches and moss easily find their way or grow in your gutter. Every year hundreds of gutters are getting clogged causing a lot of damage to the roof and ultimately the home. Professional cleaning will save you a lot of trouble and could even save you expenses! If the rainwater in the gutters and downspouts remains, damage can add up quickly. Leaks and cracks with final moisture and water damage to your home! Being ahead of this with professional cleaning will save you money.

We give you a free estimate so you know your cost before we start and have a 100% quality guaranty. Let the professionals take care of cleaning your gutters. Call: to make your appointment or

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Pressure Washing

Jim and his professional crew has helped many of their long time clients with outside cleaning that requires the removal of build up dirt and many other types of hard to remove stains. For example from porches, decks, door-steps, driveways, boats, siding, outside chimneys and you name it. The pressure wash with high pressured water and cleaning agent will give it that perfect new look. We use the newest equipment and commercial grade cleaners that are both environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and landscaping.

-Jim Gutter, Roof & Pressure Washing- is dedicated to provide pressure cleaning of the highest quality and workmanship available; for the best and most reasonable price. We service both residential and commercial customers.  

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JIM THOMAS MAINTENANCE Cleans roofs and specializes in moss removal. For all roofs we use a stiff bristle brush to remove moss and dirt. We guarantee that whatever material the roof is, we don't do harm to the roof when brushing off the moss. Next, we blow the debris in the gutters and clean out the gutters with a scoop.The debris goes in a trash bag, a hose is used to rinse out the gutters and flush out the downspouts,

JIM THOMAS MAINTENANCE  Power washes houses with, brick, stucco, natural stone, wood and vinyl siding. Also sidewalks, walkways, driveways, decks & fences, and any exterior cleaning job. We remove all mold, algae, moss and dirt from the surfaces. JIM THOMAS takes great pride in his work! Over the years, we have cleaned thousands of roofs and gutter. We are fully licensed, insured & bonded. We understand how to safely clean and treat roofs. Jim Thomas is committed to providing exceptional service. We stand behind our work and want to be your roof and gutter cleaning guys!


All jobs are done each for it’s paticular season

Pressure Washing Gutter Cleaning Jim and his crew has helped many of their long time clients with outside cleaning All jobs are done each for it’s paticular season www.jimgutterandpowerwash.com